I can hear it drip
From the cuts that I bear
Pools of crimson red
Try as hard as I may
Pieces of a heart
Now lay scattered in disarray
Some say, wasted in wait
Never to come back again
But I smile in my pain
Waiting as she smiles through my gray

I can hear it drip
From the cuts that I bear
Like the sound of a beating drum
It breathes in fear
And for all that I have lost
In the wounds and scars I fare
Mornings pass by into nights
Millions of words tell me someone cares
For reasons only they can define
Waiting as she smiles through my tears



I’ve walked
a million miles
Under a haze
in a daze
of neong lights.
I’ve questioned
my conscience
at every step
As the streets
devour my innocence.
I’ve lived
a million lives,
Under the influence
in a second.
I’ve dreamt my billions
in an instant
Only to watch them
wash away
into the distance.
I’ve held
a million lives,
in secrets of disguise.
I’ve wished
many a stars
As they fell through the heavens
on a deep dark night.

Drowning in the sound of my cries
I try and hide
Every little emotion in the garb of a smile
As I wait for my deliverance.

Bleeding love

Bleeding Love by Yayoi Matsunaga | http://yayoi-matsunaga.deviantart.com

She weeps tears of blood
Simmering, screaming
Silently dreaming
As she waits in silence
In her little cocoon
Of hopelessness
That’s seeped in
Her heart
Of which, she feels
Trying hard to break away
Yet giving in
To all that is love
In the dreams she built
Devoid of evil and sin

And she weeps tears of blood
Staying silent
Whispering calmly
Patient within
Never crying for help
Waiting and hoping
For a day when it will come
Through the doors
That she stares
In hope for
An everlasting love

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