There’s a smile…

There’s a rain tonight

Up in the heavens

Down from the skies

I see the stars

They shine bright

Under the reflection of the far away moonlight


There’s a rain tonight

As aeroplanes fly by

And falling stars shoot through the sky

All over earth

As the sun fades

Leaving trails of light, fireflies come alive


There’s a smile

I see it in her eyes

As she watches over me under the starlight

Forever is a journey

She says she’ll gladly take in her stride

As she kisses me into heaven tonight



Words on Apr 18, 2012

There’s a pain in my heart

It bears memories and yesterdays scars

Carving stories that hide up above in the stars

That I see and pray for me to someday be free

From all that I keep

Buried in between the lines I cheat

Through the ages that make me

The man I am supposed to be

Phone calls…

I hear you breathe
In digital beats
Across the galaxies
Connected by satellite keys

Words on Aug 31, 2011

The roads been winding
Like the rivers of fate in a distant place
Twisting in coincidences and confusion
Painting pictures as I live in dreams of oblivion
That echo through the tears in my head
Smiling in moments of quiet
Walking with you in my thoughts
In my loneliness where I’m blind
To all that passes by
For the memories, they build a future
With images of hopes that fill the room
Fragrant like the flowers that bloom
Over winter and the summer
In the valleys they called love

The doors have been closed
Wired like the heart that bleeds
In hopes of never being hurt again
Cold, caught up, all stuck in a moment
Lies folded in the pages of a history
Forever there to remind
Shattered dreams, giving clarity to reality
That live in the words you breathe into me
Under the darkness of a night
Coloured and lit by the powers of a starry light
I watch the world go by
Listening to stories and pictures that I see in your eyes
Floating in time, in bliss
In a valley that I call life

Waving goodbye!

Picture Courtesy Google Images

Did I hear you say hello?
I was just leaving
Now that the time is over
Am tired of living a lie
Seeing the truth is better
Than wasting away to die
Licking on dreams of a tomorrow
That never walks the door
Just fades into the light
Waving goodbye
One by one as they drift away
Out of sight

Did I hear you say love?
I’m sorry but you got to speak up
I’m a little deaf you see
Listening to your worldly ways
Twisted like you and yours
Like every soul that covets a life
And lives a lie
But I don’t blame you honey
It’s just me
Fading into the light
Waving goodbye

Did I hear anyone say open my eyes?
I’ve been staring at the sun
Blinded by the lies
I’m witnessing
A revolution of words
Walking the streets of reality
Watching glazed stares
Talking hypocrisy
No, I’m not trying
I’m not lying
I’m not crying
No, not anymore
I’ve just resigned to a fate of depravity
But I don’t blame you honey
It’s but me
Fading into the light
Waving goodbye

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