Pretty Friends

There’s a hollow hum

Noises made by the dumb

Words of self-centered wisdom

Seekers who know not what it’s like to give

There’s a shallow lung

Breathing smoke and amphetamines

Taking score of everyone

Or so she says in breaking silence


Well, my pretty friends

Here we are

In the midst of the lame, the lurid, the sane

Well, my pretty friends

Here we are

The paint’s not doing you good

For yes, beauty is not skin deep

I just wish you understood


There’s a deep vein

It’s been pumping a lot of pain

They say it’s momentary

But knowing me, I know it’s everything but temporary

There’s a callous heart

Pays for all, beats for none

Cold as stone, bends all bones

Or so she claims in fun


Well, my pretty friends

Here we are

The suns long gone, you’re bare and I’m undone

Well, my pretty friends

Here we are

Arm in arm, lip by lip, hip to hip, caresses and slips

Never-mind the clocks and alarm bells

For we’ll never get from the bed to the crib


Life, if I were just a book…

Life would be easier if I were just a book
Written in moments of peaceful silence
In moments of bottled anger
In moments of quiet reflection
Written with some thought, some fantasy, some hope, and some love
That perhaps someone will understand
Leave a little note at the bottom of the pages
And return to wonder
That precise moment and thought that made them ponder

Life I’m sure would be simpler if I were just a book


Life is a whisper

Fades before you hear


The message disappears

In volumes of chaotic fear


Through your muddied conscience

Lost into oblivion

There’s a smile…

There’s a rain tonight

Up in the heavens

Down from the skies

I see the stars

They shine bright

Under the reflection of the far away moonlight


There’s a rain tonight

As aeroplanes fly by

And falling stars shoot through the sky

All over earth

As the sun fades

Leaving trails of light, fireflies come alive


There’s a smile

I see it in her eyes

As she watches over me under the starlight

Forever is a journey

She says she’ll gladly take in her stride

As she kisses me into heaven tonight


Words on Apr 18, 2012

There’s a pain in my heart

It bears memories and yesterdays scars

Carving stories that hide up above in the stars

That I see and pray for me to someday be free

From all that I keep

Buried in between the lines I cheat

Through the ages that make me

The man I am supposed to be

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