About Me

I wrote a few lines of wavering emotions
To the tune of an old broken set of strings
It made me wonder, how was I supposed to
Give up on all the things that mattered, till yesterday
Little bird on my morning window
Singing her songs saying thats ok
For even sometimes I wonder why and how am I supposed to
Live through each passing day without my partner
We sat together side by side
Looking out into the horizon
Into the city skyline and up into the heavens
Till she said goodbye and left me with my old broken set of strings

There isn’t much interesting to know about me for I’m just a regular person living through each passing day hoping for his miracle to happen. Like the billions of people on this little big blue planet of ours, I dream a dream that I know will probably never come by but nevertheless the dreams give me hope for tomorrow and the day after and the day after tomorrow and the day after. There is much I want to do and much that I wish for. I don’t pray everyday. I don’t pray when I’m in need. I pray at no point in time and I pray for I don’t know what. I draw a blank when I’m asked to pray. I draw a blank when someone asks me who am I and what do I want. I’m empty and trying to be whole. I’m cold. I’m lost. I’m drifting like you and everyone else who think they know where they’re headed, who beleive they know what they want, who for some twisted reason have the conviction within that their day will surely come.

For those who beleive they know me, they’ve probably managed to scratch the surface and are already tired for it’s had them hurt and toiling from a loss of breathe and energy. Don’t get me wrong, you haven’t tried hard enough for its too easy but you just make it complicated with your own understanding of what you beleive you know and understand. Welcome to my world. I’m layered. I’m complicated and yet simple. I’m me.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. 700miles says:

    ah yes….we all drift together in our own ways…. keep writing

  2. tinarathore says:

    Interesting! ” layered, complicated, yet simple..”…..it’s this beauty of your persona that reflects in your work, and makes it amazing. Keep writing.

    • navdib says:

      Thanks Tina… guess being simple while being layered and complicated is complicated huh 🙂 but guess we all are complicated – else we wouldn’t be human 🙂 Thanks for stopping by… hope to hear from you more often… be it good or bad 🙂 started writing after almost a decade and it sure feels good 🙂 and I sure as hell would like to improve… afterall, the only place where some of us can let our real selves out are in the words we weave to form a structure of some sort that in the human language is given a name – such as poetry 🙂

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. I very much enjoyed Except Time- a conversation with the hangman and his wife. I linked to it so others may enjoy it as well, hopefully with your blessing.

    Wishing you all the best~EV

    • navdib says:

      Hi Ev, am glad you enjoyed Except time – a conversation with the hangman and his wife… it is perhaps one of my favourite pieces that I’ve written in a long time. Do drop in and feel free to link in if you like something and feel free to leave your comments 🙂 Thanks once again and have a great weekend!

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