I can hear it drip
From the cuts that I bear
Pools of crimson red
Try as hard as I may
Pieces of a heart
Now lay scattered in disarray
Some say, wasted in wait
Never to come back again
But I smile in my pain
Waiting as she smiles through my gray

I can hear it drip
From the cuts that I bear
Like the sound of a beating drum
It breathes in fear
And for all that I have lost
In the wounds and scars I fare
Mornings pass by into nights
Millions of words tell me someone cares
For reasons only they can define
Waiting as she smiles through my tears


There’s a smile…

There’s a rain tonight

Up in the heavens

Down from the skies

I see the stars

They shine bright

Under the reflection of the far away moonlight


There’s a rain tonight

As aeroplanes fly by

And falling stars shoot through the sky

All over earth

As the sun fades

Leaving trails of light, fireflies come alive


There’s a smile

I see it in her eyes

As she watches over me under the starlight

Forever is a journey

She says she’ll gladly take in her stride

As she kisses me into heaven tonight


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