I’ve walked
a million miles
Under a haze
in a daze
of neong lights.
I’ve questioned
my conscience
at every step
As the streets
devour my innocence.
I’ve lived
a million lives,
Under the influence
in a second.
I’ve dreamt my billions
in an instant
Only to watch them
wash away
into the distance.
I’ve held
a million lives,
in secrets of disguise.
I’ve wished
many a stars
As they fell through the heavens
on a deep dark night.

Drowning in the sound of my cries
I try and hide
Every little emotion in the garb of a smile
As I wait for my deliverance.


2 Responses to Reflecting

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine…… beautiful poem……very touching….

    a value for time blog… a days read one or two blogs everyday spend few hours once it reflects silence….and enjoy… are on my blogroll …so many more can view and review…

    your poems reflects….silence…

    love all.

  2. navdib says:

    Thank you Ram 🙂

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