The drama

I wait
In a melee of inebriated grace
As the play walks through the screens of life
Over blue curtains of white light
Under starts that shine bright
In neverland

I wait
In a deluge of half hearted dreams
Knit bit by bit in an angry stream
Woken only by the siren
Piercing my heart
In unabashed wonder

I wait
Over a fortune of happiness and trouble
In the wake of overwhelming love
That breaks in sharp edges of a tomorrow
That’ll be
In the wake of a yesterday suffered


I’ve been…

I’ve been walking, a mile at a time
A million walks around the sun as it shines
Through the clouds and rain that chimes
Like the birds singing their way home in flight

I’ve been waiting, a minute at a time
The clock arms they rest and turn as the world goes around
In circles of motion, emotion, and rhymes
Sung by little children in hymns with toothless smiles

I’ve been praying, a breathe at a time
Folded hands in earnest as a silent tear falls from my eyes
Hoping that I’d be heard in a distant land
Where my prayers will be answered and deliverance will be mine

I’ve been in silence
Chaos building in a chorus of words
That flow in exasperated breaks
Trying to keep up
With what I feel inside
And so, I’ve been walking
And so, I’ve been waiting
And so, I’ve been praying
That someday
Salvation will be mine
And I’ll see you smile
In a moment of love
That’s been long forgotten in time.


We all bleed till tears dry up and eye’s weep in silence

Look at me now
I’m smiling for tears I fear are over
And while the world watches in pity
I try and move on
Hiding in illusions of happiness
Running from everything

We all cry till blood runs dry and bodies lay tired

Look at me now
I’m breathing for blood I fear is over
And while the world watches in horror
I try and move on
Running in a crawl
As the rain washes me down

We all pray but if only wishes were horses

Look at me now
I’m living for dreams I fear will end
And while the world watches in disdain
I try and move on
Riding on the wings of an angel
Fading away into the distance

We all die in hopes of immortality

Look at me now
I’m living for death I fear is too charmed
And while the world watches in awe
I try and move on
Folding the pages of my book of memories
Awaiting the sweetness of my end

And so as I go,
I’m falling into an abyss
I’m calling for salvation
I’m hoping, life realizes I’m amiss

And so as I go,
I’m falling for you
I’m calling for you
I’m praying, life calls you amiss


I’ve walked
a million miles
Under a haze
in a daze
of neong lights.
I’ve questioned
my conscience
at every step
As the streets
devour my innocence.
I’ve lived
a million lives,
Under the influence
in a second.
I’ve dreamt my billions
in an instant
Only to watch them
wash away
into the distance.
I’ve held
a million lives,
in secrets of disguise.
I’ve wished
many a stars
As they fell through the heavens
on a deep dark night.

Drowning in the sound of my cries
I try and hide
Every little emotion in the garb of a smile
As I wait for my deliverance.

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