Daffodil Clouds

Image Courtesy - Google Images

Daffodil clouds
Over mustard coloured fields
Of gold
Brown, yellow and green

Daffodil clouds
Flying high
In little puffs of white
Floating peacefully

Daffodil clouds
Building dreams
Shapes of life
And all that remains unseen

Daffodil clouds
As I lay
Over wine and apples falling
How I wish I was one with you
Flying high
Floating peacefully
Building dreams
Seeing the unseen
From up above
Down below
All in a single view
Daffodil clouds, coasting in the sky so blue…



I’m counting
The seconds that pass by
In moments of reflection
And silence
Hoping for a revelation
Knowing truth will forever leave a bitter taste
Yet in prayer that the journey be sweet
Till the very end

It is but a strange predilection
Where reality is staring from within
In perfect imperfections
Like little droplets of tears from heaven
Shaving dewdrops
Breathless for air
Floating in quiet symphony
Peace at last will be in yours


In my dreams I live
Seconds of a life you endured
Wishing the pain had been mine
Whole and pure
And now I count
The seconds that pass by
Whispering a prayer in the wind
Whistling as the heaven’s cry

Wish you’d stayed
Not taken to the heaven’s
Among angels
Far less beautiful than you
Sleep well my dear
As we pray from down below
In hopes that you find peace
Only happiness, no more sorrow

Rest in peace love

You’ll forever be beautiful
Forever precious and loved
Even though you’re gone
Into a world well beyond
I’m lost for words
And yet the jars dripping
With words that wish to spell
But fail to tell
Everything and all
That’s within me
In my heart

In loving memory of Grace Tham (Oct 6, 1987 – Jun 13, 2011)
Mother to Sean and Danica
You will forever be precious
With love and a heavy heart, bidding you goodbye forever to live in my memories
Piku da

Watching you watching me

Image credits: Daniel Csoka

I’m watching
Through bespectacled glasses of life
Half empty
Half full
Wishing it wasn’t all but cruel
Water splash
Stinging like a stranger would
Across leathered skin
Brazen blue akin
To my bruised soul

I’m watching
Through reflections in photographs
Black and white
Coloured and fading
Summed across pages of memories
Shotgun blues
Pelted with shrapnel
Stinging like a stranger would
Across hardened skin
No longer brazen blue
Toughened soul

I’m watching
Watching me
Transparent as the veil
That hides your eyes
Bidding to be seen
Come on out
Out into the open
Under the sun
Across plains in bloom
Awakened in a rush
That was resting in peace, my soul
Watching you tremble
Quiver in a cold-like
Under hot sun, as you crumble
Tearing in the seams
Sinews snapping in reams
I lie awake in a dream
With a smile of sweet vengeance
Watching you watching me

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