As we go
A scar I borrowed
Flowing in slow motion
Dividing attention
Between tears and pain
Over a sunny day, as it started to rain


Oh beautiful people!

Picture Courtesy Google Images

Oh beautiful people
Look what you’ve done
Taken all that was precious
And left the fields to burn
Ashen dust and embers now turn
In the howling wind that cries
The pain of a thousand calms
That prayed for your soul in vain

Oh beautiful people
Look where you’ve come
Trodden a path of hopeless passion
For momentary pleasures that you yearned
Now sodden with tears of innocence
Seeping within the bosom of life
Shifting, sifting, walking along a fence
Praying, not for your souls, but more for your pride

Oh beautiful people
Look what you’re counting
Monies, gold biscuits, diamonds, rubies, at al
Possessions you’ve been stealing
From the womb of where you come
Knowing and yet acting in ignorance pleading innocence
Hoping for forgiveness and miracles
In your greed for more

Oh beautiful people
Have you seen your reflection?
The mirror is jarred and now crashing
Blue, red, yellow, in shards of brilliance
Like you once said – everything that goes up must come down
Here you are ignoring your own wise self
Preparing the perfect excuses
For self destruction

Oh beautiful people
Look how ugly you’ve become!

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