Just another winter…

Watching the flakes fall
Over a summer sun
Sipping from clay cups
And morsels of soul
I dream drenched in white
Hoping for everything to be alright
As the sun arches over the blue sky
Bringing with it a star sprinkled night

Memories run riot
Through time that stands still
In a light mist, shrouded with some happiness
A few pinches of bitterness, and bites of plight
I dream gazing into oblivion
Counting shooting stars and satellites
As they pepper the night sky
In little lines and twirling circles of flight

With each passing year
The summer sun comes to a close
Rains wash away the sweat
Till the leaves turn autumn gold
And I dream away into the naked winter cold
A dream that forever will be mine
No, not ever will it come by
For the moments have long gone in time


As I fall…

Soul full of tears
And pocket full of hope
The dreams, they come crashing
As you try n’ hold them together, tied by a rope

There’s no harm in crying
For it’s the brave that can tell
The cowards been lying
With the devil laughing down from hell

And in all of this delusion
Have you lost out on your faith?
The gods will come calling
Chapter number something, pages in pen, say all together – Amen!

For whom will the bells toll now?
Pray who will confess!
The church echoing in silence
As the dust begins to set

And over and over
My lips begin to wet
With words that come near
But disappear without a trace

Oh is this the end of it
Or the beginning of it all
I hope that my fears
Will drown in this fall

No there is no silence
Just confusion in my head
So much for tears
Why in my happiness, they shed

Now that I’m floating
Or so it feels in this calm
As I fly in to this hollow
Heaven that I call…

Valentine’s Day

It all happened over the bittersweet downpour of a potion waging war on singledom, only to fall prey to the wicked ways of life and its lust filled gaze when she walked past wearing a knowing smile, quick to disarm the best in their battle regalia…

A war lost and a soul slain, to the powers of monogamy forever entwined in a twisted sense of humour, watching, orchestrating slavery by the millions for his love of a single day that someone named – Valentine’s Day!

Ms. Valentine

T’was over some warm milk and coffee beans
As a regular teen
With eyes full of dreams
That I first encountered Ms. Valentine
It’s been several years since then
She’s come and gone, at times in a matter of seconds
Some have been precious and warm
While most have been lonesome and torn
But with each passing year
Ms. Valentine comes along
Bringing with it roses
Of notorious little cherubs shooting arrows of love

So, over the course of over a decade
Since I first fell to one such arrow
I mourn the grieving souls of the wounded
Amidst the cacophony of hideous laughter and sorrow
To your happiness, I shall drink
Goblets of wine from hearts made of glass
That’ll break in the wake of the morning sun
As your mind clears the din of the night long gone
And so she will again disappear
Into this world of earthly charms
With the illusion of all that could be oh so dear
She weaves fear in my heart, Ms. Valentine

Marching band…

Marching band
Working on a bass
Beating through the din
Of a soulful chaotic crowd in pain
Did you hear them scream?
As they bled in pain!
Through tears of laughter
In fear of retribution

Marching band
With clicked heels
Beating in unison
Through the innocent mind that sleeps
Did you feel the numbness?
As they lay in even keel!
Every deliberate step taken with ease
With no thought, recollection, or remorse…

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