Except time – a conversation with the hangman and his wife

I met a hangman on my way home
He spoke about his dreams and all that was beautiful in his life
I met his wife and she said she loved everything
The sun and the moon, the morning and the evening
The dew that disappears into the light
The soft whispers of love and care
A new born baby’s cries
Except time

We spoke at length with pauses of silence
Echoing through the din of the uphill climb
Through the journey, they spoke at length
Of all that there was and all that there wasn’t
All that they’d done and all they hadn’t
All they prayed for and all they didn’t
And how beautiful it was to have each other
Except time

So we spoke again at length and in amused curiosity, I asked
“Would you ever leave your position?”
Bemused and a bit unnerved by this strangers question
The hangman replied – “I AM the hangman”
“And forever it shall be”
“Through the heavens and hells, it will be my decree”
“Gods shall heed and so shall the devil”
“Except time”

“But why not time?” I asked, a bit puzzled
The hangman’s wife replied with a gentle smile
“For it is but time that we fear”
“Has no form, no name, and comes with no warning, is always near”
“And as I look in his eyes, I truly believe we will forever be”
“If it were not for time”
And therefore dear friend
“Except time”

Before we realized
We had stumbled upon the hills across the sun’s cycle of sleep
And now in its brilliance, it shined
Calling unto another sunny day
When time would come and pass by
As the hangman went about his way
And his wife calmly watched him do his deed, reminding me
“Except time”

The knots were crafted
In a beautiful motion of artful creation
That only the hangman could do
The trap door was tested and the stage was set
It is then that the wife whispered to me
In half excitement and half remorse
Was a beautiful journey with you my friend but now you must go
For it is time…


In the darkness of my dreams…

As the stars shone brightly in the night sky
Heard a gentle cry scream through the silence
Raised arms above water in a vivid scene
A picture, captured in the numbness of my mind of a soul drowned in fear
Sweat dripping my palms, breath palpitating, scared and running
As I watched the screams get louder
She wailed, drenched from head to toe
Eyes blinded into pearls, staring through in a gaze
Two hands – someone whispered
She’s wants your attention for some communication

But now the sun has come over and so have the nights
Again and again, the cycle has past many a times
And yet she still cries screaming through the silence
With raised arms above water in a vivid scene
Haunting me through the stillness of my conscious
In my unconscious state of helplessness
I lay hoping to break free from her gaze
As she stares each night with pearly eyes
Wailing, in my sleep I’m walking
Waking each day from a nightmare

A kiss…

I hear you breathe
I hear your heart beat
Calm as the cool spring breeze
And I yearn to meet
You in silence

I see you red
Cherry love and a shot of ruby
Shivering as I look deep to caress
Your soul, giving us life
In a kiss


She sings, she sings
Her pipes frame a tune
In the silence of my prayers
As she sings
Painting a scene in red
Over the clover fields of a tomorrow
We dreamt between the sheets
As she lay, singing
Tunes of love, lust and longing

The song…

Piece me together
In peace
Appease me
From the thoughts of your mind
In lyrical motion
Through whispers that you sing in your heart
Release me
In tunes of silence
And forever we’ll be together
In a song of our lives…

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