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Can someone please shut the door?
Let me be
For everything that I want to be
Ask the questions that you always have
It’s but a tragedy
That they never made sense to me
No please
I don’t need your prayers
Let me
Wallow in self pity for making the choices I have
To forever
Be bound by chains I’ve built so all else could be free

Never ever be mistaken by my vocal spasms
They’re not for you
We just see through different lenses
A saviour
I will not pretend to be for I’m not one
Stacked and are piling in the bag I carry each day on my back
Blind, you are
Viewing the world by being stuck in your own shoes
Like gospel singing abridged pastors
Bound by chains they’ve built so fallen angels could breathe

Let me be
It’s just one last request
Will you allow me to live!
Let me be me
I’m too disillusioned
By the charms of the mechanised life
That everything
Seems so hard to reach
When life is supposed to be beautiful
Isn’t that what you said, when I started to bleed
Bringing me back
Through hopes and dreams that would never be


2 Responses to Fallen!

  1. slpmartin says:

    Wow…I really like the interactive flow of the words in this poem of yours…the emotions expressed are so very real…found this to be an excellent poem..well at least to me.

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