It took just a few seconds of a lame
Conversation that was to change
The course of a history that was to be
Carved up and penned in the pages of her dreams
Echoes rang through the dim walls
Made of mirrors that stared empty calls
Hollow revelations from the cobwebs in her mind
In a moment of hysterical inanimate grind

Moment later she revelled in her youthful passion
Smiling up into the heavens in her little victory
Unaware of the scars she’d marked forever
In her little moment of fiery reign
But now that the pages are torn
She claims to have never penned the drama or dreamt the songs
Of a history that she lived over seconds that made up years
In another’s life who to her now is insignificant

She lives in a world so beautiful
It is made of gold and silver and diamond chains
That she wears through the bonds that serve her conscience
In a bid to keep her folded within the so called sane
Never will she come awake
The curtains have distorted reality in a bid to keep
Her within the realms of her society
And so in a distant, a heart bleeds
Knowing that for his trials and tribulations
He is but insignificant


One Response to Insignificant

  1. slpmartin says:

    Seems like a tale of a heart broken lover given up for social status….one can hear the lingering sadness in the poem.

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