Just a little jaded

A bit lonesome
A bit worried
Happiness has been elusive
And perhaps short lived
Like the flower that blooms in the night
And fades by daylight
I’m yearning for a breath of freshness
Before I lie down to die

A bit tired
A bit wasted
Life has been anything but perfect
Leaving me insanely jaded
Like the fire that burns bright in the fading sunlight
Hoping to stay on through the night
I’m praying for a chance
Before I break down and cry



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Can someone please shut the door?
Let me be
For everything that I want to be
Ask the questions that you always have
It’s but a tragedy
That they never made sense to me
No please
I don’t need your prayers
Let me
Wallow in self pity for making the choices I have
To forever
Be bound by chains I’ve built so all else could be free

Never ever be mistaken by my vocal spasms
They’re not for you
We just see through different lenses
A saviour
I will not pretend to be for I’m not one
Stacked and are piling in the bag I carry each day on my back
Blind, you are
Viewing the world by being stuck in your own shoes
Like gospel singing abridged pastors
Bound by chains they’ve built so fallen angels could breathe

Let me be
It’s just one last request
Will you allow me to live!
Let me be me
I’m too disillusioned
By the charms of the mechanised life
That everything
Seems so hard to reach
When life is supposed to be beautiful
Isn’t that what you said, when I started to bleed
Bringing me back
Through hopes and dreams that would never be

C r a s h . . .

All’s now folding
In between spaces
The air is but floating
Out into the open
And it’s all refocusing
Across the bends
Darkness coming to
An abrupt end
Memories scrolling
Like on computer screens
Playing in digital melody
Breaking into a smile
For beautiful white
As wings of light
C r a s h i n g

Over the edge

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Such is the feeling
That I’m but floating
Through and through
Blankets of cotton fields
In a sky so blue
And green
Over the moor
From where I stare at the moon
Hoping for a satellite
Turning round and round
Unlike, the shooting stars in a flash like
Moment, she’s gone
And I whisper my wishes
In hopes she’ll catch them before she’s done
Flying on her little wings, the angel

She will sing my song
As I drift away
To sleep
Under this little tree
Over the moor
From where I stare at the moon
Hoping for life to be
All that I pray for
And all that there is to see
Beyond the heavens
From where I believe
Come all that my little life is made up to seem
Significant and yet so obscure
In the scheme of things
That life endures

I am
But a dreamer
Sitting on the edge
Of my mind
Where the park bench hangs by a line
Over the cliff
That falls
Into the depths
The conscience
In a perpetual state of rewind
Sorting through episodes
As they explode
With regret so unkind
Buried deep inside
In perpetual drama
And turning
In little motions
And such is the feeling
That I’m always but floating
Through and through
Blankets of cotton fields
In a sky so blue
And green
Over the moor
From where I stare at the moon

As you look at the mirror…

Place your trust in me
I’m the one that keeps
All your secrets hidden deep within
The keys long lost in the winds
That carried away your cares
Into the misty cloudy night
Of yesterday
Where you and I, we roamed
Floating through fields of dust and gold
Like waves in uniform motion
Full of life in throes of youthful passion
Waiting to explode
A life that bleeds
Away in misery
Casting a mystery
In your eyes as I seek an explanation
For you to be free from these questions
That waste away the time
When we could be flying through the skies
In dreams made of sand castles
That we both know won’t last
But these moments that pass
I hope we can live it by and by
Have no regrets
For tomorrow is an illusion
And today a reality that will forever be
Coined in the pages of our history
We are but one and we are the same
Just two sides of a coin
Watching each other’s reflections in the mirror
Seemingly deceptive, opposite horror
Casting a dilemma on my innocent mind
Of me and you and we and us and I
You and I and what’s yours and mine
As we go around in circles
In hopes to find
An answer logical enough
To wipe away the confusion that’s seeped inside

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