Brighter days ahead…

Brighter days ahead by Greg Bennet / Work to Date |

Your soul, I covet
How have you been?
I’ve been gone long
Since then
There seems
A change
Has come
That dims
All hope
I prayed for
For now
I’ll sit
Till the day comes
When we’ll both
Come undone
Frivolous fetish
Of little desires
That rule
Our brethren
The so called


5 Responses to Brighter days ahead…

  1. slpmartin says:

    Very intersting structure to the poem …I liked the flow of it…it seemed to have a sense of despair…but a good poem.

  2. buttercup600 says:

    Wonderful structured Nav..fighting for survival is never easy…I felt this very much. Superb work xx

  3. navdib says:

    Thanks guys 🙂 glad you liked it…. I found this illustration while searching for pictures on google images and kinda liked it the moment I saw it and the words flowed… have a good day ahead!

  4. Kavita says:

    Aahh… one has to be very careful in what one wishes for! (sigh)
    Nice one, Navdib… Loved the helpless patience that you are trying to portray here…

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