And so my journey started
Over a frantic moment of calculated thought
Unlike some other moments
Of careful direction,
Masterfully crafted and taut
As most things, I too began with a bang
No not a whimper
But an astounding thud and clicking and clacking
Of pestering human digits, called fingers

With every letter that was poured
Into my otherwise empty soul
There I started to form
Into an experienced mole
Ready for its first and only incursion
Outside its present home
Seeking information
Hoping that Iā€™d be read, understood, and
Result in the creation of yet another soul


6 Responses to E-mail…

  1. slpmartin says:

    I rather like this …quite plesant to read.

    • navdib says:

      Don’t know what got me writing it but enjoyed it nevertheless and your appreciation along with Tina’s and Ram’s makes me feel good about it šŸ™‚

  2. Kavita says:

    Now this is good! Personification of an email! Maybe this is what/how it thinks of itself… nice guy.. šŸ™‚

  3. Jingle says:

    lovely sentiments,..

  4. navdib says:

    Thanks Jingle šŸ™‚

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