Who are you?

There you go…
Eyes bloodshot
Seeking revenge
Predictable, fool

There you go…
Dressed in your everyday
Counting numbers, presentations
Everything you said, you’d never do

There you go…
Smiling again over nothings
Hoping that she’ll deliver
Lasting peace, in your life, which otherwise is a mess

There you go…
Arms wide open in embrace
With warmth and love for the little one
Who looks out unto you
You’re her hero, never falling from her grace

There you go…
With head bowed in reverence
Every ounce of respect that you could possibly gather
Within your callous soul
Trying hard to make up for all the dreams they had

Do you remember who you are?
As you live through each day
Living, giving
Hoping, praying
That someday you’ll be free
To be what you always wanted to be
To do all you always dreamed to do
To be you

But as the wheel turns
And life floats into endless circles
Of never-ending beginnings and ends
You forget who you are
And flow away into the everyday
Chores and games
An endless quest for something
That you never quite reach
By the time, your time comes to an end


2 Responses to Who are you?

  1. slpmartin says:

    So many people ride the merry-go-round of life…watching the dreams go by them as they ride…another well crafted poem…I liked the repeating line “There you go…” which added to the tone of the poem.

    • navdib says:

      Thanks Charles… while writing this, I was constantly trying to look at myself and asking myself if I am where I want to be… if this is what I want… if this is who I really am… the answers to these are as would be are such that they contradict and therefore leaves one behind in a sort of a predicament that is hard to decipher in its true sense… guess, I was looking for answers to myself… glad you liked the piece

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