Flowers and wreaths
Covered in white
Painted light through the walls
Of life, shining through
Waking past, the grieving
Wake of a gathering
That waited, wanted, prayed
And now gutted
In a show
Of emotional departure
Far moved away
From self conscious composed
Selves in a cloud of smoke-filled
Delusional incandescence
Sudden holiness
Warmth in the cold
Hands of my obituary


Moving on…

Tear the flesh wound
It’s rotting in disbelief
That you’ve decided
To do away
With its uncouth ways
Waking in between
Skin and bones
Baring the scar
Of fickle senses and mindless menses
Peeling over in defences

Physical chains
Of numbing pain
Rousing in waves
Over and over again
Failing to dull the claims
That of a broken emotional strain
Posing a callous fixture
Amended yet bended
In the most peculiar ways
Across the fields that sway
Along the plains of yesterday

Cry me a line
Over the vine
That remains entwined
In emotions supreme

Scream me a whisper
Across the moor
That carries the murmur
Of a million rumours in fear

Hold me in anger
Wrapped in a chain of arms
Crushing through every fibre
Of my mortal being

Write me a letter
Bleeding tears of colour
Wiping all that has ever mattered
In an instance of insanity


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Light, I see
Feels like a distant dream
Bright, pretty white
Shining through, shining on me
And I play
Through the feel
Surging in
Waves of ecstasy
Lie, lie with me
As I sleep though
In a land where fantasy
Is never far from being true

Love, I feel
It’s a strange emotion
Never belonged to me
Bidding free, free to be
And I smile
As the angels sing with harps
Echoing in the night
Heavenly lullabies
Lay, lay with me
Tonight I will forever be free
Breathing my last
Born again


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There’s a fear
In the mind
In the hearts
Of us, human kind
Plaguing, eating us through
Living it day by day
A silence prevails
Deliberated, debilitated
Much awaited
Debated, unabated
As we hold on to
Our precious nothings
Making up for the clutter
Around twisted vines
Of emotions that last a lifetime
In deep hollow souls
Crying out
To break free
Hoping to heal
Trying to be whole
As we move from our stand
Waking, walking, yet not understanding
All the gluttony we’ve been shaping
For the futures that will never be
But in dreams we live
A tomorrow
In hope of being free
To run, to hide
To watch the setting sun
With nothing but our empty prides
What’s to become
Of a life that proclaims a change
Yet wastes every second away
In self pity, agony, and pain

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