The lives we live…

Needless to say
I’m running out of words
As the mind is occupied
With the pretentiously urgent matters of human kind

Where would I be if not for
All that makes this life
Unnervingly quick
What would I do if not for
All that happens, all so sudden
Like the speeches we make, impromptu

The wheel has started to spin again
Back in the fold of the working class chain
Human bondage of labour and toil
Some in air-conditioned offices, while others in the hot sun in a boil

Where would I be if not for
The luxuries of life that we’ve
Made and longed and craved
What would I do if not for
The pressures we give into
Like being employed and needing money to get through

Everything is now a chore
That we’ve created so sore
And yet we cry in the wake of it all
Knowing it’s a bargain, else we’d be torn


5 Responses to The lives we live…

  1. slpmartin says:

    Interesting self-realization about the life we live…well presented in your poem.

  2. 700miles says:

    ahhhh…. keep writing nav, as long as it continues to be an outlet it will be the one thing that seems more like a passion and less like a job…. 🙂 well said…

  3. Kavita says:

    Well said, Nav… we need/want it all… and yet we complain!!
    You want it, you earn it… that’s the story of our lives anyway 🙂

    Loved this poem!! Maybe I should show it to my hubby too 🙂

  4. buttercup600 says:

    A story that everyone can identify with…well said my friend x

  5. navdib says:

    Hi Everyone 🙂 Thank you so much for the visit and enjoying the piece 🙂 Haven’t had time as I just started working and come back really tired… but do try and put up something… I managed one in 3 days :p

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