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Digits work
Away in a rhythm
Sounds float
Through the noise, making tunes
From nothing but clear matter
By the stroke of a few more digits
In fingers strumming
The strings and hum
Of my guitar

Telling a story
Of stories that lie
In the depths of my mind
A journey we travel
In time, to a place
Built with temples of emotion
We walk together
Along the strings and hums
Of my guitar

Sometimes falling
Gliding, sliding in waves
Flowing through my soul
Making a twist and churning
Every ounce of my being
As we make our way
Through the life and times
Of my guitar

Chords flow
Break away in rebel-
lion and union
Making sweet war
Stringing emotions
Healing my wounds and burns
Through moans of love and hurt
As my digits float
And play with the body
Of my guitar


9 Responses to Guitar…

  1. ram0singhal says:

    divine……soul strings touched….beautiful….

    love all ……

  2. slpmartin says:

    Well said….just a lovely poem.

  3. Kavita says:

    this was so passionate, and full of emotion !!
    my guitar is lying at home.. i just cannot get myself to learn to play it 😦
    i am enjoying my keyboard though…

    loved your poem…kinda brings out your love for music.. and the different world it takes us to…

    • navdib says:

      I love music… and if I could, I’d work in it for a living for it gives me a high nothing can πŸ™‚ funny thing is, I don’t know how to play a guitar but I always wished I did… but I enjoyed my days in school with my friends in a really big band… my role was to croak and croak I did happily and fortunately, everyone loved my croaking… they still remember πŸ™‚ guess I was a good croaker πŸ™‚

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