Tonight, I lay quiet
In the warmth of my own embrace
Where no one else may peek
As I drift away in a haze
Of darkness and light
Filled with a jewelled sky
Into a land made of dreams and fairy tales
Where I may be in peace

Tonight, I lay still
There is no ounce of restlessness in me
Perhaps I’m aging and tired
But tomorrow I know I’ll be free
To climb up into the mountains
And walk down the narrow streets
Of memories that will someday fade away
Into a cloud of dreams

Tonight, I hope in silent prayer
That my love will forever be
For we may never meet again
But the hope will be good enough for me
To drive my soul through days of chores
Through shattered dreams and unknown horrors
That life may wish to throw at me
As I move on without thee

Tonight, I wish to see my angel
Wherever you may be
I’m counting my days upon this blessed earth
And all I yearn is to be free
So I may be unshackled from earthly desires
Worldly whimsical petty liars
With wings of my own and free to roam
Floating in happiness, my love and me

Tonight, I cry
In the cold of my own embrace
Between sheet and memories
Of yesterdays
Making me wonder what it could have been
Maybe today I wouldn’t have had to be lonely
And tonight
Wouldn’t have had to be just me


2 Responses to Tonight…

  1. Kavita says:

    Reminiscing, wondering, crying over spilt milk… such sad human tendencies, don’t you think?!!!
    A very moving poem… one can, quite easily get carried away reading it!

    Have a great weekend!

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