Girl of the night

Dark, black mascara lines
Powdered mask, white and light
With a dash of rouge for colour
Hoping for love tonight
Pretty as a picture
Makes you wonder
Why she roams the streets of lust
Searching for an hourly love

She sits, she hopes, she walks, she waits
Flashing a beautiful smile
Wearing a sensuous and hypnotic gait
Walking up her lonely aisle
She invites the lonesome, the uncertain, the willing,
Into her bossom with love
In hopes that someday she’ll find her man
To whom she’ll give her all

The tears have dried
As the years have gone by
In a corner where she once cried alone
Only to walk the streets of lust again
Praying for a tomorrow to be whole
Walk down her alley
She’ll call out in hope
In wait that for a little
There’ll be love

Girl of the night
Broken inside
But in hope she’ll find
A love divine
Lost in the streets of lust
In between the sheets of a lover
With eternal hope
She’ll be walking again tonight


2 Responses to Girl of the night

  1. Kavita says:

    Dang!!! That was tooo moving…
    No one, and I mean NOT A SOUL, should ever have to sell themselves to another, just so they feed themselves a few morsels!!
    This is a very harsh reality you’ve brought out… but very very well written!

    • navdib says:

      Thanks Kavita πŸ™‚ see this on a daily basis on the streets of Bangkok… wrote a draft sipping beer sitting in a bar watching these girls ply their trade… then wrote this down once I got home… there is more that I feel I need to write about them… in most countries, ppl don’t treat them well and talk about them like dirt but if one takes time to listen to their stories and about their lives, they are equally beautiful as everyone else… maybe I’ll write a short one sometime again on them and hopefully it’ll be equally moving πŸ™‚ glad you liked it… you write very well, seriously enjoy reading your stuff πŸ™‚

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