Dear Baba…

Silly little
Puritanical pursuits
Of your idle mind
Read blasphemy in my eyes
In my ears
In my mind
Your sweet smile
Gentle words of prayer
Read blasphemy in my eyes



Rattle and hum
Rattle and hum
To the sound of the echo
That, in my ear, beats like a drum
Rattle and hum
Rattle and hum
To the hiss and the kiss
That, in my haze, makes me numb

Rattle and hum
Rattle and hum
As I search for meaning
In a confused mess, floating in delirium
Rattle and hum
Rattle and hum
Nothing matters but in this moment
My mind is abuzz and all I hear is the rattle and hum
I’m numb

Will you burn me on a pyre?
Or feed me to the birds up on a hill?
Or lay me in a box to turn to dust?
Just don’t read me the scriptures, for it’s a weak and vile pill
I‘m cold
I don’t hear anymore the rattle and hum
Of the everything’s and the nothing’s
Peace, at last has come

By the window…

There, by the window
Upon an old wooden desk
Littered with papers and pens
Coffee and a lamp shade to keep company
She sits and wonders of the how, what, why, when, who

There, by the window
As the world goes by
Flipping through old photographs and picture postcards
Sitting in her favourite chair
By the corner wondering if tomorrow cares
Wielding a pen since she can remember
Into the nothingness, she stares

There, by the window
She meets her friends
Beside her, chirping and flipping about in the air
A smile, a hint of a tear
Some old memories and some hopes and dreams that reappear
She sits, sipping her coffee, writing stories
About the how’s, the what’s, the why’s, the when’s, the who’s,
And the where’s

Walking through the streets of my life…

As the music plays
It beats ajar tunes of yesterday
Deafening thunder I hear
And pray to the gods in fear
Callous words of whisper
Warm my heart with tears
Screaming within
Holding back in time
Hoping to win
Falling in
Deeper in sins
Of failing precious dreams

Sunlight fades
Into a golden dust of black
Giving way to specks of white
Up in the sky shining through
Down upon the mortal sins
Of my shallow heart
Breaking through
Every pore of my beautiful soul
As I pry awake
Empty and cold

Watching steps
They fall, call, stall
Moving in directions
Randomly small
Battered, flattered, shattered
Crumbling under weight and pressure
Ragged and cluttered
A maze of pure
Rolling in confusion
Deluding, eluding
Corroding, floating,
Just my life unfolding

Grounds beneath
Covered in shrouds
From yesterdays battles
And today’s mortals
Belief a’ fading
Dreams in waiting, wasting
Time is but floating
Letting go
Moments of certainty
Staring into an abyss
Unconscious, unwavering, unfounded, uncertainty

Decadent verses
Of no real importance
As they pass by
Peering over shoulders
Prying eyes wondering
Across the scene
As the music starts to play
Yet again I float away
Into a dream
Hanging by a lost thread
Of hope that’s now tearing at the seams


In between the towers
We stood and watched over our lands below
Far and wide, it stretched
White with specks of black covered in snow

We’ll stand again someday
Through winter, autumn, summer and spring
Looking back and looking within
Of all the times we laughed
Of all the times we cried
Of all the times we shared
And dreamed of all the yesterdays
We would’ve left behind
In time to become memories
Standing the test of time
Through winter, autumn, summer and spring
Looking back and looking within

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